Warning & Notice  

Notice of falsification of certificates, etc

We have become aware that there have been a number of cases where some companies are using falsified either CE marking certificates, EC Declaration of Conformity, or Labelling on which Wellkang is listed as the European Authorised Representative (EC Rep).

Wellkang has NEVER issued ANY Certificate of Conformity for CE Marking to ANY companies.

Wellkang has no business relationship with any of the following companies:
    Beijing Nubway S & T,
    (Address: Room 805 no 12, Yabao Road,Chaoynag District, China)

    (Address: 17877 Room 105 No 6, Baohua Road, Hengqin, China, 519000)

    Guilin Latex Factory (China)

    Jumper Medical Co, Ltd. (China)

    Shenzhen Bondway Electronic (China)

    (Address: Room 707 Xianglu Mansion, No 3009 Gudai Road, Shanghai 201100, China.)

    Iran Shargh Co. (Iran)

    Alborz Cable (Iran)
If you suspect any company is using Wellkang's name in a falsified CE marking certificate, EC Declaration of Conformity or Labelling, please do not hesitate to contact Wellkang via fax at no. +44(20)7681-1874 and provide us with at least the following information:
   Copy of the falsified CE marking certificates, EC Declaration of Conformity or Labelling,
   Name of the company,
   How you have got the document, etc..

SPAM, Scam & Fraud Alert: Impersonation of Wellkang staff

Wellkang have a strict Anti-SPAM policy and Wellkang NEVER send out un-solicited emails!
Wellkang is NOT recruiting representatives, we have become aware that fraudsters (using fake names such as John Allen, Burt Hardley, etc) are sending un-solicited emails that claim to be from Wellkang to hire company representatives. These fraudsters use free email addresses (such as wellkang231@myway.com and wellkangbdb@gmail.com, etc) and often quote non-geographic UK telephone numbers such as those starting with +44(0)871, or +44(0)070 (which are free phone-divert service as seen at http://www.uknumbers.com), which are not utilised by Wellkang. If you call these free UK numbers such as +44-70-31850479, +44-70-3196-4661 , +44-70-24061370, the call may be diverted to the fraudsters located in other countries such as Nigeria, Africa.

Be aware of 419 Company Representative Scam!
Please refer useful links below for Anti-SPAM tips and Scam Alert:
Anti SPAM Tips, Alert 419, Scam Alert, 419 Scam, 419Legal, The 419 Coalition Website, Company Representative Scam, The 419 Coalition Website, Fighting Identity Theft, Phone Scam Alert.


The companies listed below have contacted Wellkang in the past, but have never paid Wellkang any service fee. Wellkang is NOT the European Authorised Representative (EC Rep) for any of the following companies:
    Guangzhou Softlink Medical Innovation Co., Ltd (China)
    Hangzhou Alicon Pharm SCI & TEC Co., Ltd.
    Jiangsu Dengguan Medical Treatment Instrument Co., Ltd (China)
    Ouwensi IntíL Limited (Hong Kong, China)
    Shanghai Handy Medical Equipment Co., LTD (China)
    Shenzhen Owensi Tech Co., Ltd (China)
    Sichuan KangYuan Medical Equipment Limited Company (China)
    Weightec Electronic Technology Co., Ltd (China)
    Zhongshan Transtek Electronics Co., Ltd (China)

Wellkang is NOT the European Authorised Representative (EC Rep) for the following companies:
    Bioscience (Tianjin) Diagnostic Technology Co.,Ltd. (China)
    RYCOM Electron Technology Limited (China)
    Guangzhou Berrcom Medical Device Co , Ltd (China)
    Hangzhou Realy Tech Co Ltd (China) (Products: 2019-nCOV IgG/IgM Rapid Test Kit)